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The FOUR week website

is the FOUR week website right for you?

I can confidently say that the four week website is the right fit for 95% of small businesses, start-ups and individuals. But it isn't perfect for everyone. If your site requires advanced functionality, 20+ hours of custom coding and development, if you feel uncomfortable making decisions quickly or if your site will have over 20 pages of content, the four week website may not be what your business needs.

Here are just a few of the types of business that the four week website is perfect for:

  • Accountant Websites
  • Actor Websites
  • Artist Websites
  • Bakery Websites
  • Blog Websites
  • Bookstore Websites
  • Catering Websites
  • Church Websites
  • Cleaning Service Websites
  • Consultant Websites
  • Dental Services Websites
  • Event Space Websites
  • Fashion Websites
  • Festival Websites
  • Film Websites
  • Financial Services Websites
  • Fitness Studio Websites
  • Florist Websites
  • Health & Wellness Websites
  • Home Services Websites
  • Law Firm Websites
  • Marketing Firm Websites
  • Medical Services Websites
  • Musician Websites
  • Nonprofit Websites
  • Personal Website
  • Pet Care Websites
  • Photographer Websites
  • Politician Websites
  • Private Attorney Websites
  • Product Showcase Websites
  • Property Websites
  • Religious Group Websites
  • Repair Service Websites
  • Restaurant Websites
  • Resume Websites
  • Salon Websites
  • Security Services Websites
  • Small Business Websites
  • Small shops / online store websites
  • Startup Websites
  • Special Event Websites
  • Tradesman Websites
  • Wedding Websites
  • Yoga Studio Websites